Training and Support

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-Use
  • High Definition Video
  • No Downloads or Setup
  • Media and File Sharing
  • Remote Control Features
  • No Setup Costs
  • Low Monthly Cost

Most Popular Feature

Voxwire's high definition video allows face to face communication from anywhere in the world.

Training Made Easy

Voxwire makes online training and support more effective with its new remote control features. A trainor or support staff member can remote control the computer of another person in the meeting, all while everyone in the meeting watches. Voxwire allows the experience to feel like everyone is sitting in front of the same computer screen. In the remote control mode the trainor or support staff member can trouble shoot, fix or demonstrate all while communicating face to face with the rest of the participants in the meeting. You can record the training sessions for later play back and link to the recordings from your web site's support pages.

Staff Training And Education

Live online training with Voxwire is a hands-on and effective way to educate local and remote staff. Use it alone, or as a complement to existing methods and curriculum. You can record training sessions and link to the recordings from your web site or intranet. All the benefits of face-to-face instruction combined with advanced technology such as white boarding and media presentation make Voxwire an ideal training tool.

Record Trainings

Voxwire lets you record your training and support sessions for later play back. You can even link to these recordings from your web site as a pre-made set of training tutorials for your staff and clients.

What Makes Voxwire Different

Voxwire runs entirely from any PC or Macintosh computer via the web browser using Flash based technology. It's so simple that your staff just have to click 1 button to attend a meeting. Voxwire makes it cost effective, and easy to train and support both your staff and your clients.